Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Can any one manage this blog?

Since I am going to graduate, I am wondering who in the physics department wants to take over the maintenance job. If anyone is interested in this fun job, please contact me at Here  or email Professor Charles Horowitz. 

Schedule - 2008 Spring

Jan. 30 “Science non-funding: The American competitiveness initiative vs. the 2008 budget.” Bob Armstrong.

Feb. 6 Open

Feb. 13 “Large Scale Solar Energy: paving Nevada”, Lance Garrison with Ben Brabson and Andy Bacher

Feb. 20 Wind Energy, Helber Dussan

Feb. 27 Mathematics of epidemics, Liliana Caballero

Mar. 5 Artificial Intelligence, Heechang Na

Mar. 12 Spring break no Journal club

Mar. 19 Open

Mar. 26 “String theory and pizza” an informal discussion with Juan Maldacena

Apr. 2, “Einstein at home” an informal discussion of gravitational waves with colloquium speaker Ben Owens.

Apr. 9, "Public perception of science and movie making" an informal discussion with colloquium speaker Ivan Schuller.

Apr. 16, “Liquid crystal DNA and the origin of life” with Sima Setayeshgar and a graduate student.

Apr. 23 Open