Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Can any one manage this blog?

Since I am going to graduate, I am wondering who in the physics department wants to take over the maintenance job. If anyone is interested in this fun job, please contact me at Here  or email Professor Charles Horowitz. 

Schedule - 2008 Spring

Jan. 30 “Science non-funding: The American competitiveness initiative vs. the 2008 budget.” Bob Armstrong.

Feb. 6 Open

Feb. 13 “Large Scale Solar Energy: paving Nevada”, Lance Garrison with Ben Brabson and Andy Bacher

Feb. 20 Wind Energy, Helber Dussan

Feb. 27 Mathematics of epidemics, Liliana Caballero

Mar. 5 Artificial Intelligence, Heechang Na

Mar. 12 Spring break no Journal club

Mar. 19 Open

Mar. 26 “String theory and pizza” an informal discussion with Juan Maldacena

Apr. 2, “Einstein at home” an informal discussion of gravitational waves with colloquium speaker Ben Owens.

Apr. 9, "Public perception of science and movie making" an informal discussion with colloquium speaker Ivan Schuller.

Apr. 16, “Liquid crystal DNA and the origin of life” with Sima Setayeshgar and a graduate student.

Apr. 23 Open

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Journal Club next week

The journal club next week (wed. Feb. 20, 12:15 in SW113) is by Joe Hughto on the very odd and perhaps evil neutron star Calvera. This, probably nearby, neutron star could be important to learn about very dense matter or to search for gravitational waves. Please come for good
discussion and free Pizza.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Journal Club This Week

The journal club this week (Wed. Feb. 13, 12:15 in SW113) is by Lance Garrison on Large Scale Solar Energy. Please come for good discussion and free Pizza.

Monday, January 28, 2008


Dear Physics Folk,
This weeks journal club (Wed. Jan 30, 12:15 in SW113) is by Bob
Armstrong on “Science non-funding: The American competitiveness
initiative vs. the 2008 budget.” Please join us for Pizza and good

Chuck Horowitz

Monday, January 7, 2008

This week (Jan 9, 12:15 in SW113) Alan Hurd (the physics colloquium speaker, more info below) will lead an informal discussion for Physics Graduate Students and others. Free Pizza will be served. Please come. This is in place of a normal journal club.

On another Wed., we will have an organizational meeting to plan journalclub topics for the Spring semester (stay tunned for the date). The journal club is a chance for graduate students/post docs to discuss a recent result in any area of physics / science. Talks should be short, understandable to a wide audience, and simple to prepare. I and many other faculty will be happy to suggest topics, help you prepare, or answer your questions. Please volunteer to give a talk. Thanks.

Dr. Alan Hurd is the director of the Lujan Neutron Scattering Center ( at Los Alamos National Laboratory. The Lujan Center is one of the world’s premier spallation neutron facilities and supports scientific studies in a broad range of areas spanning physics, chemistry, biology, materials science, engineering and fundamental nuclear physics. Dr. Hurd is also the past president of the Materials Research Society ( The MRS is devoted to the advancement of interdisciplinary materials research and currently has over 14,000 members. The MRS is different than single discipline societies, such as the American Physical Society, since it is devoted to promoting the study of materials by researchers in physics, chemistry, biology, geology, … The MRS is very active as an advocate of its members interests and has played a very active role in lobbying for increased awareness and support of materials research.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Archive - Fall 2007 Schedule

Fall 2007 Schedule